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Rich and Mindy

"When our son Jack was getting ready to apply to his top three colleges (all very competitive academically) as a recruited student-athlete, we thought we had everything in order. We were referred to Jennifer to review his common application and essay just to be safe. We were surprised when Jennifer noticed some critical mistakes and oversights that could have had a very detrimental effect. Jennifer has a vast network of resources, including current and former admissions personnel, FAFSA and financial aid information, student-athlete factors, and mentors she uses in the industry. Using this invaluable network and her experience, Jennifer worked diligently to help Jack rewrite his essay (several times), make corrections to the common application, and provide guidance on optional school specific application supplements. She even held mock interviews to help him prepare for his formal interview. Her communication and timeline organization were outstanding as well. Jack, ultimately, was accepted early decision to his (by far) number one choice where he will have the opportunity to gain an exception education and play football. We would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to help navigate the competitive college application process. We believe her guidance and advice made the difference, without a doubt".

"Prior to starting my college application journey I knew little to nothing. I had just 2 months until my first application deadline and I hadn’t even begun to think even about where I wanted to go. We first heard about Jen from a friend and she was nothing less than amazing. She helped me with everything I needed for college. I was able to complete all of my applications before their deadlines all thanks to Jen. She worked around my schedule and fit me in for times that worked for me. She helped me with all of my application portals and even prepared snacks for me when we worked together. If I could not meet in person she made it possible to still work on applications with the zoom app. I am beyond thankful for Jen’s help. She helped me edit all of my resume, all of my essays, and she even scouted out colleges and went above and beyond to reach out to people at the different colleges. All of my recent success all leads back to her and how she helped me all throughout my application process. We had less than 2 months to prepare and we were able to get it done efficiently and correctly. So far I haven’t been declined by any colleges yet and I can thank her for that. I am now extremely excited that I got into my number one school thanks to Jen and I'm so excited for college. Jen is incredible and will go above and beyond for all of her clients and for that I have so much gratitude. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone."



"When our oldest son was preparing to apply to college, we were completely unprepared for the incredible amount of information and work that was needed to meet all the current application requirements. And, while we did eventually successfully get him applied to and admitted to his college of choice, the process was stressful and unpleasant to say the least. When our next oldest was preparing to apply we knew that we wanted it to be a different experience. Through an incredible stroke of luck (and a yoga class!) we found Jenny from Find Your Fit. Not only was our next student ready well before his sibling had been, the process of working with Jenny was a pleasure. Jenny was able to engage our son in a way that made him find his own strengths, follow a timeline, and encouraged him to take responsibility for the process. As we write this, our son’s senior year has not even begun yet and he is 100% finished applying to his college choices. We can’t thank Jenny enough for her great attitude and professional demeanor throughout this whole process. We will absolutely be working with Jennie again when our youngest is ready to begin finding his fit!"

Jacqueline and Scott

"We are so pleased to recommend Jennie to work with your child on the college application journey. Not only is she very kind and patient, she has an ability to make the application process accessible and not overwhelming. Jennie is conscientious and understanding, while also helping the students round out their lists and understand the expectations of each school. She works on the personal profile of each student, the environments that would work best for their personalities and interests, and she considers each facet of their lives to place kids in the best possible place for success. We love working with Jennie and we enthusiastically recommend her services. Thank goodness we found her!"


"Jennifer made the experience of applying to college much more manageable. Her patience, vast knowledge/resources, advocacy and enthusiasm helped us navigate this complex and ever evolving process. My daughter grew in confidence and independence by being held accountable and rising to the occasion. We are so grateful for Jennifer and look forward to her working with our younger two daughters."

Monica, Dan and Nico

"Working with Jenn was a wonderful experience. I did not have to worry about a thing . She took care of everything from helping my son choose a school that would meet his needs to assisting in merit scholarships, filling out the Common Application and any other form that need to be completed in this hectic college process . She made everything worry free! Best experience!"

Rob, Angela and Scott

"Find your Fit College Consulting has helped our Sons tremendously in the college search. Mrs. Jamison has been very knowledgeable in the college search and has guided us in the right direction. "


"I am so grateful to have had Jenn as my college counselor, she helped me with everything from my essay to deciding and applying to my schools. As I got to know her she started to recommend colleges for the things I specifically wanted. Thanks to Jenn I had a very successful college application experience getting into 9 out of 12 colleges I applied to!! Thank you for everything!!"


"My daughter and I were so lucky to have discovered Find Your Fit College Consulting! Working with Jennifer was amazing, and we are so grateful for all of her knowledge and guidance. She takes the time to truly get to know the student and tailors their process accordingly. This type of approach was truly helpful for my daughter. Jennifer’s services have been invaluable throughout the entire college application process. But her service doesn’t stop there. She has followed up with us regarding my daughter’s college acceptances and to see if she could assist further. This was truly appreciated. I highly recommend Jennifer and Find Your Fit College Consulting! Her expertise made navigating the very complex college application process manageable and much less stressful. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Jennifer."


"Jen has been a lifesaver during our first time going through this process. She really took the time to understand our son, his strengths, interests, etc. She helped us through the whole process; choosing colleges, completing the common application, editing essays, and working with Michael to help him find his best fit! I highly recommend using Jen to help you in your college search."